Manufacturer and Exporter of Copper Earth Strap and Tinned Copper Earth Strap

Our highly Copper Earth Strap and Tinned Copper Earth Strap are made from high conductivity copper grade Cu-ETP and are used in electrical distribution, building services and process plants for a wide range of applications including lightning protection.

We offer competitive pricing and ex-stock or short lead time deliveries for non stock items.


By selecting the correct braid, termination and insulation, our Copper Earth Strap and Tinned Copper Earth Strap are optimised for each application and required performance criteria with respect to temperature, flexibility, corrosion resistance, weight and electrical characteristics. 

Radio frequency currents tend to conduct along the surface of a conductor rather than through the middle.  Because of this effect, Copper Earth Strap and Tinned Copper Earth Strap is more efficient than wire at handling high frequency currents. 

This makes Copper Earth Strap and Tinned Copper Earth Strap a logical choice in RF grounding applications and in applications requiring bonding and grounding for lightning protection. The rapidly pulsating DC currents encountered during a lightning strike can be compared to high level RF currents. Copper Earth Strap and Tinned Copper Earth Strap handles these currents more effectively than the same amount of copper in wire form.  

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